Yes – we have payment terms for spot cash: 1 year and 1.5 years to pay. For non-payment, a grace period is allowed for updating the account.

Selling of fresh, unprocessed fruit is non VAT-able. Individual farming itself is not a taxable business, so there are no taxes required on the farmer’s side.

However, if you choose to assign farm ownership to a company, business taxes on the farm’s income shall be charged to your company

Yes. We allow group funding for our dragon fruit farms. You can form a group with your relatives, friends, or colleagues, fund a farm together, and divide the returns amongst yourselves.

In matters of inheritance, the farm shares will be transferrable to each of your and your partners’ respective designated beneficiaries.

Agbeam will be in contract to buy 100% of the produce. We follow a criteria for pricing, but everything will definitely be purchased.

Currently, our fruits are sold out 2-3 weeks before harvest time, so the likelihood of fruit not being distributed is very small.

Based on our calculations, the 1,000 hectares of plantations we plan to develop will only be able to fulfill the 2017 local demand for dragon fruit and a very small fraction of the export demand. Both local and export demands are increasing by more than 15% every year, which means that demand would be even higher once we finish developing all the farms.

Yes. The lands will be properly subdivided and assigned a specific lot and quadrant number. You will be able to easily see the specific location and area of your farm.

There are two kinds of insurances you can avail of: insurance for your crops and insurance for your payment scheme.

If you have chosen Package A (Agbeam land and management), we’ll provide crop insurance for your farm on its first year of operations. This will protect you from fortuitous scenarios that may destroy your plantation. On the second year and onwards, you can choose to continue the insurance on your account.

We also have mortgage redemption insurance for your payment scheme. In case anything happens to you within the payment period, our insurance partner will pay us (Agbeam) in full, and we will transfer your farm to your declared beneficiary.

The portal will serve as a management and monitoring tool for farm owners. It will show all customer and farm data, payments, income, withdrawals, reports, AV materials, receipts, and news and updates.

We follow International Standards (Good Agricultural Practices, Food Safety, HACCP) when it comes to farm operations and management.

This means that before we assign you to a lot, we have already done a strict audit on soil, water, etc. to ensure that the property assigned to you will bear good fruit. All these pre-planting activities are covered by your total fund amount.