Endeavoring to help restore the country’s agriculture industry, and aiming to be the catalyst for its success in becoming a globally recognized front-runner in dragon fruit production, we’ll be developing 1,000 hectares of dragon fruit plantations by 2022.

It’s an exciting and promising venture, and we want to share the interesting opportunity with fellow Filipinos.

We’ve established a platform through which Pinoys all over the world can take part in bringing back farming in the country without having to be in the Philippines all the time.

What is Don Victor Build-a-Farm?

Don Victor Build-a-Farm is a program that enables Filipinos to own a Dragon Fruit Farm.
Our program is simple:


You or your chosen partners will fund a dragon fruit farm. You can opt to use your own property or to lease a land from us.


Choose to run the farm yourself (with our guidance), OR allow us to run it for you.


We’ll help you develop your farm. We’ll assist you and give you access to relevant information, technology, and even protection.


We’ll buy all produce from you and take care of distributing them to local and export markets. All proceeds from our purchase will be your income.


You’ll be able to manage and monitor your farm from anywhere in the world through our online management portal.

What Can We Do For You?

We offer end-to-end farm business services.


We’ll help you plan, establish, grow, and continuously improve your farm.


You can choose to manage your own farm or opt to let us run and monitor everything on your behalf. We can help you systemize and operate the farm for optimum production and profit. We can also provide training for you and your farmhands.


We can provide seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products, and other resources you’ll need for your farm and for successful dragon fruit production.

Technology Support

We can provide you with the equipment and tools you’ll need for every stage of the farming process. We’ll also give you access to updated techniques and innovations that can promote healthy crop cultivation.


We will regularly evaluate your farm and offer sound recommendations for maintaining and improving its efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.


We’ll buy all the raw produce from you. We’ll identify their quality classification and distribute them fresh, semi-processed, or processed in local and export markets

What Will You Be Enjoying?


A fully functional, high-yield dragon fruit farm which you can pass on to a declared beneficiary


End-to-end farm business assistance and services Free farm inputs until your second harvest


A Harvest Marketing Agreement that promises we’ll buy 100% of your produce, guaranteed We won’t take shares from your profit. This is your business and revenue from sales will be 100% yours.


Crop Insurance and mortgage redemption insurance (if applicable) for your farm and your payment


An online farm management portal for anywhere-anytime account access